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Feeling really lonely these days and can’t shake it :(


Wow, someone posted some super-old pics of me

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Honest Slogans [more]

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seriously LOLing

The hot pockets one got me

Lol love this

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reblog if you enjoy tugging your penis while thinking homoerotic thoughts about big burly beastmen

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I am SO, SO EXCITED to share my SVA thesis film at long last!!!!! This is what I spent most of the past year working on. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever made, and I still couldn’t have done it without the help and support of a bunch of really awesome people. I strongly recommend watching it in HD and I hope you like it a lot! :)

everybody look at keckys film!!!!

its really great and pretty and i helped with like.  three frames of coloring so you KNOW its great

for real though kecky is a super talented artist and this is a really fun story!!

What a lovely short! Pretty designs and colors and a very cute ending!

ohh no shit it’s so cute ;u;

Love this soo much.

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Lasts until July 20th!!!!

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Reblog and spread the news! I’m uncut and damn proud!

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A Florida high school student could go to prison for years – all because her girlfriend’s parents were furious she was dating their 15-year-old daughter. As soon as Kate Hunt turned 18, the angry parents reported her to the police. Against her girlfriend’s wishes, she was arrested for “assaulting” a minor.
But this isn’t about a crime. It’s about a high school romance between two teen girls – and the angry, homophobic parents who want to destroy a young woman’s life.
Florida Assistant State Attorney Brian Workman has offered Kate a terrible choice: accept a deal that could brand her a criminal for life, or face a trial and possible jail time.
She must decide by Friday. But if thousands of us speak out now, the pressure will grow on the State Attorney to drop the charges completely. Please sign urgently:
The Assistant State Attorney has the power to end this crazy situation. It’s his job to prosecute cases that are in the public interest – not teen romances. And public pressure can help show Kate’s relationship isn’t one of those cases.
Kate is an excellent student with a bright future. She won an award for the “most school spirit” at Florida’s Sebastian River High School. If found guilty, Kate faces years in prison or house arrest, and would have to register on a national sex offender registry.